Library has the necessary number of library units and covers all areas of the teaching process. The content of the library fund is adjusted to the studies (teaching process) and contains:

  • Professional literature needed by students for preparation of exams and writing of their final papers as well as literature the teachers need for preparation of lectures and their further professional development;
  • Textbooks and publications adjusted to the course syllabus whose authors are mainly College teachers;
  • Greater number of both national and international professional journals, available to the college teachers and students in function of the teaching process. This way, College enables the coverage of all the courses by adequate professional literature. By purchasing the necessary professional literature and issuing new publications of the College professors, the library enriches its fund constantly. A book can be lended in the reading room with the student booklet.

Silvana Bogićević
Graduate librarian
Office room 105
+381 18 588 211 extension 110

Marija Mitić
Senior librarian
Office room 105
+381 18 588 211 extension 110

Working hours: MONDAY – FRIDAY from 7:30 to 16:00.