Basic information

College title: College of Applied Technical Sciences
College address: 20 Aleksandra Medvedeva, 18000 Nis, Republic of Serbia
Telephones: 018 588 211, 588 039, 588 040
Fax: 018 588 210

College director: PhD Aleksandra Boričić, professor of vocational studies
Director’s assistant for teaching: PhD Milica Cvetković, professor of vocational studies
Director’s assistant for technical support: PhD Slavimir Stošović, professor of vocational studies
College secretary: Jelena Petković, law graduate

Heads of the study programs:
PhD Boban Cvetanović, head of the study program Industrial engineering
PhD Dejan Bogićević, head of the study program Road traffic
PhD Zoran Milivojević, head of the study program Communication technologies
PhD Mirko Kosanović, head of the study program Modern computer technologies
PhD Dragan Perić, head of the study program Civil engineering
PhD Boban Cvetanović, head of the study program Environmental protection

Members of the College Council:
PhD Dejan Blagojević, president of the Council
PhD Mirko Kosanović, professor of vocational studies
PhD Zoran Milivojević, president of the Council
PhD Boban Cvetanović, professor of vocational studies
PhD Milica Cvetković, professor of vocational studies
PhD Nenad Stojković, lecturer
Aleksandra Marinković, lecturer
Jelena Petković, secretary
Mirjana Stošić, accounting worker
Nemanja Srejić, student
Vladimir Stanković, student
Mladen Petković, student

Bank account: 840-1758666-57, number of the model 97, reference number (approval) 94-126-100502041
TIN: 100502041
Registration number: 07223323
Activity code: 8542 higher education

Conducting higher education through undergraduate and specialist vocational studies of the first level of studies and master vocational studies of the second level of studies within accredited study programs in view of transfering scientific and professional knowledge and skills and securing the formation of young experts in the profession.

College carries out other activities that commercialize the results of the scientific, research and professional work:
8559 other forms of education
7112 engineering activities and technical consulting
7119 research and development in other natural sciences
7120 technical research and analysis
7022 consulting activities in relation to business and management
7490 other professional, scientific and technical activities
6201 consulting activities in the area of information technologies
5811 book publishing
5814 publishing of journals and other periodical issues
5819 other publishing activities
4719 other retail in non-specialized stores
1814 bookbinding and similar activities
1820 reproduction of recordings
7320 market research and public opinion poll
8560 additional educational activities